About Us

Unique, bespoke and personalised doodles capturing the unforgettable events, personal anecdotes and special memories in people’s lives. Often witty, with just the right touch of emotion, Anecdoodles are a perfect gift for those special people in your life.

It took a stranger and a delayed flight to make me realise that people other than my dad might like my doodles; I was flying back from Budapest doodling a memorable trip to a scary Hungarian masseuse (on a sick bag) when a guy looked over my shoulder and said he liked my work. Who knows if he was still 'excited' from the festival but it gave me the confidence to start sharing my work which in turn led me to start interpreting other people’s stories and anecdotes which I LOVE.

Unique gifts and simple to organise. Just choose the occasion, object or person(s) to celebrate  (I do everything: weddings, anniversaries, baby’s first year, father’s day, mother’s day, made-up day, graduations, holidays, retirements, the lot). Then supply me with a list of memories, moments or facts (up to 15) and I’II do the rest. I hand draw everything, then process and print from my studio - it’s completely bespoke for you!


Sound good? You get the picture? If so, get in touch, I’d love to create an Anecdoodle for you!