5 romantic gift ideas

Drawings of your favourite memories

Do you have memories with your partner that weren’t captured by a photo? Favourite anecdotes that you reminisce about, milestone moments, travel stories or just your daily rituals that remind you of why you're together? Combine these stories to create a romantic gift they will never forget!

 Just supply a list of things you’d like to include, send us reference pics or descriptions and we will do the rest. All prints are bespoke and one of a kind so your partner will never doubt your thoughtfulness.



A book of poems

Does your partner have a favourite poet or author? Why not buy them a book and highlight some of the words inside that resonate with you about your relationship or for an even more personal touch write out by hand your favourite poem.

If you’d like to make a poem come to life you can also commission us to create an artwork with the words surrounded by your choice of doodles. Just email us on info@anecdoodles.com and we can have a chat.


A trip down memory lane

Why not surprise your partner by returning to where you had your first date or where you got married. Reminiscing about days gone by creates opportunities for conversation and can bring you closer together.

If you want to give them something to unwrap you could commission a map or print  - we can help with that too ;)


Love Blooms

Why not spoil your partner with a monthly flower subscription. A frequent reminder of how much you love them with the added bonus of brightening up your home.


Get in the kitchen

There is nothing better than being cooked for so why not get in the kitchen and rustle up your partners favourite dish or something that you had on your first date or during a special holiday. Food triggers memories so as well as eating well you’ll have plenty to talk about over dinner. If you want to take things to the next level you could also recreate the environment where you first shared the dish, whether that be creating a picnic on your living room floor or blowing up some inflatable palm trees – your creativity could really go wild!

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