Thoughtful Gifting

Do you want to buy your loved ones a thoughtful gift but you don’t know where to start?

Here are some clues to look for that will help:

  1. Pay attention to what kind of things they buy other people. Often we are drawn to things that appeal to us personally even when buying for other people.

  1. Are they sentimental? Do they love reminiscing about days gone by, their favourite travel stories or anecdotes? We have the perfect suggestion if that’s the case.

  1. Look at the colour of the clothes they wear and the colours they have used to decorate their room or house with – if you buy objects or clothes within the palette you know they like you are already half way there.

  2. What are their hobbies? Practical presents aren’t always bad especially when it’s something they can use for their favourite pastimes.

5. Where do they spend their free time? If they are out and about in nature for instance you could give them a national trust pass, walking socks, a lovely scarf or vouchers for a great café you know that has beautiful surroundings.





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