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10 ideas for your dad this Father's Day

I love thinking of personal gifts for people so I thought I’d offer my services and provide you with some ideas for your dad, stepdad, foster dad or grandad this Father's Day. 

So here we are, 10 present ideas for your dad to cater all budgets:

1. Art

Price from £45

In my humble opinion a piece of art is always a special gift especially when it's all about the recipient. Our 'Things I love about daddy" (wording can be changed to whatever dad term you use and it can be gifted from multiple children or just one) is always one of our popular prints at Father's Day and Christmas. You will have great fun getting your children to answer our list of questions and then we will use our doodling magic to create you a one of a kind artwork, completely bespoke to your dad.

If you wanted to go one step further and have even more freedom and not be led by our questions you could try our World's Best Dad print. For this print you can pick what memories to include, send us photos to draw from, choose a title and captions. We always send a digital proof of all our prints prior to printing anything to make sure you are happy.


2. A Letter

Price £0

It’s free and its thoughtful, win, win!

If writings not your strong point you could use numbers or the alphabet to structure your letter - The A-Z of things you love about him or 10 memories you have shared that make you smile.

What dad wouldn't want a nice letter listing all the reasons he's loved.


3. Notebook

Price £1 - £50

From basic spiral bound reporter’s pads to personalized monogrammed books the options are endless. Presentandcorrect do lovely notebooks, Papier have a wide selection of personalised ones or if you want a classic leather bound notebook you could try Symthson.


4. Book 

Price £1 - £50

Maybe your dad needs to relax more, could you get him a book to help? If you don't know where to start you could consult The Guardians top 100 books of the 21st century  and remember charity shops are always full of books so you can keep it cheap if you are on a budget :)


5. Origami - Fortune Teller

Price £0

Why not make your dad a fortune teller which has different gift options available. These could be things that cost money or things you can do for free - make him a cup of tea, give him a hug the options are endless and its more fun than a usual gift voucher.


 6. Newspaper/magazine

Price £0.70 - £500+

You could pop out early on Sunday and treat your dad to a newspaper in bed (and maybe a little pastry and coffee if your budget can stretch). If you have  more money to spend why not get them an annual subscription to their favourite  newspaper or magazine, every time it arrives they will think of you!


7. Takeaway coffee

Price £0.99 - £5 (depending how trendy your local coffee shop is)

Chanel your inner Starbucks barista and draw a message or doodle over your dads coffee cup - just be careful of spillages your dad won't thank-you for half a cup of coffee and you won't thank you for a coffee burn.


8. Adventure

Price £0+

Take your dad on adventure. It could be by car, bus, bike, train or foot just pick somewhere you have never been and set off. Memories are made when you explore new places and who better to do it with than your dad. If you have some money to spare why not pack a little picnic including his favourite things.


9. Gift Voucher

Price: £5 - £100+

Whilst you might not get any brownie points for thoughtfulness or creativity at least your dad can pick a present they want and If you want.


10. Tickets

Price £5 - £10000

Bus ticket, cinema ticket, concert tickets, plane tickets….. the options are endless and they cater for every budget!


Happy Shopping!


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