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10 ideas for paper based gifts

I love thinking of personal gifts for people so I thought I’d offer my services and provide you with some ideas for first wedding anniversary gifts. According to my research (minimal and 100% google based) the giving of paper based presents for first anniversaries is meant to symbolize the blank pages on which you write the newest chapter of your life. I think nowadays couples already have a chapter or two under their belts before they agree to march down the aisle but nonetheless I do like the idea of themed anniversary presents.  If nothing else, it narrows down the options of what to buy and if it’s not received well you can blame it on the theme - “I wanted to buy you diamonds but this year it has to be paper present.” etc.

So here we are, 10 present ideas for your first wedding anniversary to cater all budgets:


1. Art

Price £20-65

In my humble opinion a piece of art (on paper) is the perfect paper present and our ’ first year of married lifeprint  is a really popular option for  couples looking to capture the first 12 months of married life.  Simply supply 12-15 memories, places or things that have happened since you married and we will combine them in one drawing with your captions. If you’re working with a smaller budget you could try our ‘Memories made with you’ print which is based on a series of activities chosen by you and framed within a circle of your custom text.

2. A Letter

Price £0

It’s free and its thoughtful, win, win!

If writings not your strong point you could turn to Love Letters of Great Men by Beacon Hill for some inspiration. It’s how Mr Big wins Carrie back in Sex in the City so it must be good! 


3. Notebook

Price £1 - £50

From basic spiral bound reporter’s pads to personalized monogrammed books the options are endless. Presentandcorrect do lovely notebooks, Papier have a wide selection of personalised ones or if you want a classic leather bound notebook you could try Symthson (the cover might not be paper but the pages definitely are)


4. Book - Letters of note

Price £1 - £50

J.K. Rowling said “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book” so why don’t you gift your partner some magic! It could a book about or about letters (paper themed all the way) like Sean Usher’s ‘Letters of Note’, or why not  buy a book buy their favourite author or  a book that links to an event in the future e.g.  a tour guide to a country your planning to visit


5. Origami

Price £0-5000

In Japan, it is said that folding 1,000 paper origami cranes makes a person's wish come true. Traditionally they were given as a wedding gift, to bestow  a thousand years of happiness and prosperity upon the couple BUT i suspect the same applies if you are one half of the couple and are making them a year later.  There is only one way to find out (please let me know if you do this and happiness and prosperity ensues).  If you don't want to risk the paper cuts maybe you could commission someone like Cristian Marianciuc to make you one, his cranes are incredible!

If you have a spare £5000 you could make each of your 1000 crane out of a £5 note (or use $ and keep them for a trip to the US)


6. Newspaper/magazine

Price £0.70 - £500+

You could buy your other half a newspaper on the day of your anniversary and tell them that’s their gift but be prepared for them to roll it up and hit you with it, especially if you have already read it/filled in the crosswords etc. A more thoughtful gift would be an annual subscription to their favourite  newspaper or magazine and thereby extending the paper theme to every day, week or month of the year.


7. Takeaway coffee

Price £0.99 - £4 (depending how trendy your local coffee shop is)

Have you seen the Starbucks coffee cups where the barristers use the takeaway paper cups as vehicles for shameless flirting? Well, if your partner loves a takeaway tea or coffee you could also get creative with your pens and give them the cup as their present. N.B. As with suggestion 6 I take no responsibility for the reaction to this present.


8. Vinyl

Price £15+

Music lovers? Find your favourite song or the track you played for your first dance on a vinyl with a paper sleeve. N.B not advised if you don’t have a record player


9. Gift Voucher

Price: £5 - £100+

Whilst you might not get any brownie points for thoughtfulness or creativity at least your partner can pick a present they want and If you want to go all out on the paper theme you could get a voucher for a nice book or stationary shop. We love present and correct for stationary.


10. Tickets

Price £5 - £10000

Bus ticket, cinema ticket, concert tickets, plane tickets….. the options are endless and they cater for every budget!


Happy Shopping!


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