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Pre-covid I worked half the week from home and I had spent time creating a space that I enjoyed being in BUT since having moved to home working for the whole week things have changed. I find myself moving around the house, mornings are spent at the kitchen table for practical reasons including breakfast and running to the door to get the post before Crumpet  and also psychological ones, I like hearing all the activity outside; people going to work, parents & kids on the school run and dogs out for their morning trot,  it lets me know the day has started. By lunchtime I'm  upstairs  at my proper desk which looks out over the garden and is much quieter and spacious. In theory this should be the optimum space for work but I can't help feel the need to change it. Perhaps its just the sheer amount of time I have spent locked away in here since March that is making me crave change or maybe it really could benefit from some changes.

Here are some things I am considering to improve my home studio, maybe they will help you too...

  • Organisation
Ok, this one is definitely on my to-do list. I read Mary Kondo and threw out half my wardrobe (somewhat regret that now) but can't really apply the same rules to work things, as I need to keep hold of a lot of things. My goal is to have a room that looks like it could be on Home Edit's Netflix show 'Get Organized' but my interim plan is to buy a very pretty pink locker and shove everything inside. These ones from Mustard Made are very pretty.
  • Ergonomics
This is also one that needs addressing as I feel like my shoulders are by my ears. I currently perch on a fibre drum with a wooden top which is neither comfortable or pretty but I have my eyes on a Herman Miller white Sayl chair. I just need to somehow manifest one or maybe start a go fund me page on behalf of my shoulders. Would you donate a £1?
  • Colour & Textures
Neutral colors are said to be good for making your feel comfortable and free from distraction which is good as my room is white. However,   I have plenty of colorful prints and 'things of interest' dotted around the place to ensure I can be distracted at all times ;) 
To ramp up the textures, make it feel comfy and provide some different photography backdrops I am thinking of ripping up my carpet  painting the floorboards and getting a colorful rug La Redoute sell some nice ones and I have pinned some others (see link at the bottom of this blog).
In the meantime Crumpet also provides texture as she is usually sprawled out on the floor!
  • Plant Power
According to research greenery significantly increases work place satisfaction in employees, heightens concentration levels and improves perceived air quality.  All of the above might be good enough reason to invest in the new desk legs by Heatherwick Studio that include plant pots at the top!
  • Lighting
I feel like this is a biggy especially as we enter the winter months but thankfully this is something I am happy with already, I have a big window next to my desk and a wall mounted anglepoise for when I am working into the night. if you need some advice this The Spruce article  is a good place to start.


If you need some inspiration, I  have recently started a Pinterest board.








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