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As enforced ‘hibernation’ (a term my friend’s daughter uses instead of lockdown) looms again I thought I would share some ideas of things to send through the post. In the first lockdown, I received lots of surprise gifts in the post that really made my day and  in the coming months I think we all might have a friend or loved one that needs lifting up or reminding  that someone  is thinking of them. Telephone calls, messages, and zoom calls are all important too but there is something so lovely about receiving something physical (that isn’t a bill) in the post. 

Craft Kits

Send them a challenge to create something crafty I love Lauren Aston’s knitted stocking and craft kits and Cotton Clara’s embroidery kits


In a long-distance relationship? Send your partner a print of all the things you love about them – their bum, their love of travel or maybe even their wallet! (it’s good to be honest!haha) or maybe design a Best Friends print for a mate  that needs some love.

Letters & Postcards

Why not send a letter or a  personalized game (invent your own word search with memories or nicknames to find) or if you want to start a reciprocal challenge that will last for months to come you could send them a pack of blank postcards and start a Dear Data challenge. Dear Data was a challenge that  Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec set themselves the results of which were turned into a beautiful book. I have always wanted to have a go but never committed so if you are reading this and want a  Dear Data pen pal let me know!

Seeds or Bulbs

Indoor and outdoor plant sales boomed during Summer as we spent more time nurturing our green spaces and whilst the cold is setting in there are still things that can be planted in preparation for Spring. Why not send someone some bulbs or seeds that they can plant now and watch bloom next year. If you want to make it even more personal you could try and find a plant that has the same name as your loved one. I have a clematis in my garden named after my gran… well actually, it was named after a different woman that had the same name as my gran but that’s a small detail we can overlook.


Send your friend some posh tea or coffee in the post, maybe with a pack of biscuits if you can stretch to it, and schedule an online tea break. If you are catching up in the evening you could even them a bottle of wine that will fit though their letterbox. I haven’t tried the wine (yet) but I hope the bottles are plastic and you don’t end up with a doormat covered in glass


Most of the population have spent more time in loungewear in 2020 than any other year and I suspect as we head into Winter the urge to wrap up in cozy clothes will continue. Scarves and socks are two things that should be flat enough to pop through a postbox and warm enough to bring some comfort. And before you think buying someone socks is a weird thing to do, let me tell you that my friend brought me a pair of  David Sockney socks and I have never been happier. It’s impossible not to smile when you look down at the floor and catch a face staring back at you. If you’re really bored then you can even make them talk to each other (yes, I have done that).


The options are endless for edible things that you can send through the post so I will just share two things that I got back in April that felt like a real treat. The first was a box of hotel chocolat chocs that were sent to me as a gift (yum) and the second is gourmet pasta packs from Pasta Evanglisit. I ordered 4 pasta meals and sent one to each family member so we could eat at the same time and feel as though we were eating together.

I would love to hear your ideas on tried and tested postal gifts :)

If you want to check out more of my ideas I have started a Pinterest board you can see here.

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