How to cling on to Summer

Summer is over but the memories aren't SO let me take you on a magical mystery tour of some travel related anecdotes from the last couple of months.

Disclaimer: they will  not make you want to go on holiday unless you want to be screamed at, pooed on by a horse or have your arm ripped off by a train.


Stay Calm Captain

This Summer I somehow managed to convince my friend to let me hire us a boat in Zante ( I know my school friends reading this may sweat at the thought). It was all plain sailing until  I spotted an actual TURTLE out the corner of my eye. At this point I practically threw my phone  to my friend, demanded that she "Get him, get him!” became hysterical with delight and  forgot I was driving the boat which was just going round in circles!  Clearly the turtle (we named her Myrtle) made a very swift exit but I did mange capture the whole event on my phone which, if you're intrigued, you can watch here.

Rollercoaster Roads

Earlier this year I went on a family holiday to the Lake District which was so beautiful! I had seen the pictures of the lakes before we arrived but what I hadn’t quite realised (because I lack logic) is driving around the Lake District is like being on a roller coaster. There are so many hills, bends and windy roads that at times you feel like you might fall off the edge and be sick at the same time. My poor mum, who hates car travel and heights was not a fan, so much so we had to put a towel over her head so she couldn’t see what was coming and she clung to the dog so tightly around the bends I’m surprised she’s still alive.

Bad Beach Neigh-bours

After accidentally  trekking up a mountain  in Zante  (in the midday sun with no water) I thought I was having a vision  when I turned a corner and from the top of a cliff  saw a group of horses pulling people through the water behind them. I was so surprised it’s a wonder I didn’t fall off the cliff in shock. However, this beautiful vision was short lived as once I made it down to the beach and got ready to paddle one of these giant sea stallions decided to go to the toilet  at the waters edge leaving giant lumps of poo bobbing up and down towards where I was about to paddle. I have never retracted from the shoreline so quickly!

Training Tourists

I was standing at a train station in the Lake District this Summer when a woman leaned over the edge and stuck her hand out like she was flagging down a cab in New York. I looked at her like she was crazy to which she responded "my friend told me this is how you get the train to stop"  to which we both nervously laughed neither sure that it could be true. HOWEVER,  it turns out it was the the truth! Unless it's just an ongoing joke they play on tourists?! Anyway, don’t take my word for it because I don’t want to be responsible for you loosing an arm. I am also unsure what you are meant to do if you have your arms are full of a dog, a baby, or your shopping?



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