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Turkey Stories

Today is Thanksgiving so it seemed only right to dedicate this blog post to some Turkey stories INCLUDING A VIDEO OF A TURKEY SINGING TO CHER.... I know it takes time to believe it.

Step 1: Pluck the bird

"As I opened the bag, I nearly fainted. There was the turkey - feathers and all. I tried to pull the feathers out, but it didn't work.... I went into the bathroom to get some tissues to dry my tears when I saw the answer to my problem right on the bathroom counter. You can imagine mv husband's surprise an hour later, when he walked into the house and saw his very tired wife crying and shaving the turkey with his Norelco electric shaver!"
Adele Licata in Cape Coral, Florida via the internet

Step 2: Clean the bird

"My girlfriend, brought up by her mother and live-in grandmother, never learned anything about cooking. But, with a cookbook and a lot of confidence, she decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family. After reading the directions about cleaning and stuffing the bird, she went ahead and did so, then put it into the oven. After a few hours, she checked on the bird and found it foaming all over the oven. She had cleaned it with Ivory Soap."
Kathy Tarmasewica in Westminster, Massachusetts via the internet

Step 3: Remove any non bird items

"Found grandma's wedding ring in the turkey one year... she did not even
know it was not on her finger.'
CAN_ZIGZAG via the internet


Alternative: Keep the bird as a pet

If all these stories of dead birds are making you sad click here to see a very much alive one  sing-a-long to Cher 'Believe'. You will not regret it.  

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